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i have a network of 25 macs (beige g3's and sawtooth g4's) running a mix of os x 10.2.1 and os 9.2.2 on a 10/100 base t lan. I am looking for the best way to share a laser printer between all of these computers, what would be the easiest, most compatable setup, ive heard lots of problems with usb printer sharing so am contemplatin tcp/ip printing.

and and all advice appreciated

the dirge


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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    If they're all Macs, why not use AppleTalk. It's a million times less painful to setup than TCP/IP.

    Unfortunately if you have USB printers, you'll have to use USB Print Sharing, which OS 10.1.5 doesn't support.

    Only if you have Ethernet printers can you go with an AppleTalk setup for all your machines.

    You said they were Laser? Then they're probably Ethernet so you'll be okay.

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    dirgedirge Posts: 6member
    thanks for that, we are trying to do it cheaply so we were looking at the usb brother hl 1440.

    how would the apletalk setup work?

    would i just plug the laser into the hub ?

    which ethernet laser would anyone recomend for a setup such as this.

    any one have a tried and proven setup in a similer situation?

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    jesperasjesperas Posts: 524member
    At home I have a Brother 1270N attached to a Cable/DSL router + 4 port ethernet hub, with one powermac G4 and one iBook sharing both the internet connection and the printer. Both Macs print over Appletalk, and are using 10.2.

    If you have the money, I'd recommend one of the HP models--not the cheap ones, the 4000 or 8000 series, which are designed for office printing.

    My Brother is OK for printing text, but I do get PostScript errors sometimes when printing PDFs. The box says it has PS level 2 compatibility, but I get the feeling that their BR-script emmulator is a bit behind the times. I've never gotten a PostScript error from the HP 8000 at work, and I print PDF, Illlustrator, EPS, and even PS files to it all the time.

    My Brother also isn't exactly the quickest printer, which may be something to consider if you're having 25 users share a single printer.
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    dirgedirge Posts: 6member
    cool, thats good to know.

    my main worry is that the machines are running different os's x and 9, does anyone have a working system printing to a printer over a lan from both x and 9 machines?

    again any information would be apreciated.

    the dirge
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