Amazon is charging tax now?!?

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This sucks. My favorite internet store is charging tax in NC now. Great, now I've got to find my gf's iPod somewhere else. :/

When did this start happening? And why?


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    It depends on which inventory the product actually comes from. Anything I buy from Amazon's Office Depot store has sales tax attached to it. Curiously, things in the Toys R Us portion of the store don't carry California sales tax.

    Oooh, I just found a list:

    [code] LLC: ND and WA Kids, Inc.: ND and WA Baby, Inc.: ND and WA, LLC: All states other than AK, DC, DE, MT, NH, OR, and WY

    Borders teamed with, Inc.: ND and WA

    Circuit City Stores, Inc.: All states other than AK, DE, MT, ND, NH, OR, and SD

    J&R Electronics, Inc.: NY only

    Office Depot, Inc.: All states other than AK, DE, MT, NH, and OR

    Synapse Services, Inc.: WA only LLC: AR, MN, NV, and WA

    Tech Depot, an Office Depot Company: CA, CT, NC, and TN</pre><hr></blockquote>

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    In other words, Amazon's policies haven't changed, but they seem to be broadening their selection quite a bit with all these partnerships. There are some crossover products. As an example, you can buy inkjet cartridges at the Office Depot portion OR the Electronics/Computers portion of Amazon. In one case you'd have to pay tax, but not in the other.

    Amazon's actually gotten quite a bit better recently. They still don't charge tax for most things. They have free ground shipping for most orders over $25. They've also engaged in pretty aggressive online pricematching.

    The PowerBook G4 667 is currently $100 below retail at Amazon. The 800 MHz model is $155 under retail. Curiously Amazon has no iBooks in stock at all...

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