Calling augmented reality 'the next major innovation from Apple,' UBS raises price target ...

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Expectations are growing that augmented reality could play a key role in Apple's "iPhone 8" and beyond, prompting investment firm UBS to increase its price target for shares of the company on Tuesday.

Analyst Steven Milunovich of UBS issued a note to investors, a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider, in which he hyped up the potential of AR technology. In comments made earlier this month, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook called AR a "big idea," and said he believes the technology could be for everyone --?not unlike smartphones.

Digging further after Cook's comments, Milunovich spoke with one developer who predicted that augmented reality could eventually make the current smartphone experience seem like "the dark ages."

"Thanks to advanced cameras, consumers will hold their phones up with images superimposed onto the screen in cars, rooms, or walking down the street," Milunovich wrote. "3D mapping through Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) will be key."

Citing industry sources, Milunovich said Apple may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel related to AR.

Apple has been quickly growing out its internal AR team through strategic hires and acquisitions including motion capture specialist Faceshift, machine learning and computer vision startup Perceptio, German AR firm Metaio and Flyby Media, among others. Those acquisitions go hand-in-hand with in-house development of transparent displays, iPhone-powered VR rigs, AR maps and other related technologies described in recent patent filings.

Also playing a part is advanced camera technology, fueled in part by the company's acquisition of Xbox Kinect maker PrimeSense for $345 million back in 2013.

All of those moves are expected to bear fruit later this year, with reports suggesting Apple will introduce revolutionary 3D facial recognition technology in the "iPhone 8." Specifically, a new front facing camera with infrared transmitting module will reportedly allow biometric authentication, face mapping, and other tools that can be used by apps and games.

While Apple is expected to focus on face mapping for this year's "iPhone 8," it is rumored that similar technology will come to the rear facing cameras on subsequent iPhone updates in the years to come. With such updates, Apple would be able to offer advanced augmented reality applications in a variety of new ways, as Milunovich expects will happen.

Still, the analyst expects that Apple will take a slow and steady approach to rolling out augmented reality features in the coming years. But with a significant behind-the-scenes investment in AR, he believes Apple could leapfrog the competition with "a superior user experience," resulting in sustained iPhone retention rates and more Android switchers.

For now, he expects that the "iPhone 8" will include "moderate 3D mapping using stereoscopic vision." He also believes it's possible that Apple could offer developers an AR software development kit as soon as this year.

UBS's new $151 price target for shares of AAPL is up from its previous forecast of $138. Given recent gains for the company's stock, putting its share price north of $137 as of Tuesday morning, UBS's previous 12-month price target was at risk of being eclipsed any day.


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    Looks like a Primesense + Metaio coming out party.
    Should be very interesting.

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    What I expect to see someday from Apple is a camera system that replaces all of the lenses with a full-display sensor (front and back of the phone, that synthesizes the final image, enabling the virtual lens(es) to look and perform like any kind of camera or lens completely computationally.
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 3,768member
    I did some work for an AR project years ago (a game) that someone was trying to sell to a big producer. It didn't get any backing and it went into mothballs.

    AR has potential but to make it universally useful the user experience would have to be something truly special and a lot of work would have to go into keeping information up to date.

    If not, Google Maps, as one dimensional as it is, could be sufficient for most.

    I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.
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    Pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and dump... and that's just in the span of one day!
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 7,061member
    I’m glad to see so many here finally getting it. Screw the analysts. Screw them when they’re wrong. Screw them if they happen to be right once in a while. Screw them.
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    Imagine a future version of AirPods with tiny cameras and AR features that could tell you useful things about your environment as you move around it. Would be super annoying if it wasn't accurate, but if iOS continues a path of improved contextual awareness as has been shown, and iPhone/AirPods improve working in tandem, it could be an awesome product.
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    Is there any probability that new iPad will have dual camera or some other advanced camera system?
    AR shopping would be be more comfortable on iPad. 

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,268member
    Augmented Reality feels like the tech version of 3D HDTV. 

    Consumers aren't really asking for it but the vendors or going full throttle to manufacture a need. 
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    Looks like a Primesense + Metaio coming out party.
    Should be very interesting.

    Thanks for posting those. Should be extremely interesting! It's already been two years since Apple was toying with animating London's Big Ben and the London Eye...
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    You can see a preview of what is in their mind in the newest iPhone screensaver showing emojis and AR information over 3d rendered cities. Interesting.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,093member
    Hopefully things like this will lead to 3D maps that are continuously updated in real-time with information about people and cars represented in the model also. Could be very useful for identifying areas to avoid or areas where interesting things are happening and worth visiting.
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