Wireless Mouse Advice

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I was thinking about getting a wireless mouse. Now that we have broadband my wife is starting to share my Power Mac. Im left-handed, she is right. We are regularly having to switch the mouse to the other side of the keyboard. Its a bigger hassle than you might think. I leave a USB cable attached to the keyboard for the digital camera which likes to fight with the mouse cord. Also, when I was the only user, the USB mouse cord gets "trained" to bend in a way where it doesn't interfere with objects on my desktop. (Real desktop, not computer desktop)

So I was thinking of a wireless mouse. How do they perform? I don't play games but if there is a noticeable lack of speed or accuracy, I don't want one. Is the technology there yet? It seems the price has come down substantially in the last year.

I'd spend, oh, around $60 for the convenience. Much cheaper than getting a new computer or a left-handed wife.
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