Google Calendar gains native Apple iPad interface with latest iOS update

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Google on Wednesday released a long-awaited update to its Calendar app for iOS, finally introducing a native iPad interface that makes use of the extra screen space on Apple's tablet.

iPad users can now see more Calendar details at once, especially in weekly or monthly views. The sidebar menu conceals less of the screen, and when editing an event, the information appears as a pop-up instead of taking over the entire display. Optional background illustrations frame each view.

Features are otherwise largely identical to the iPhone version. Events will appear in Spotlight searches for example, and the app can automatically analyze schedules to squeeze in personal goals, or ideal times and rooms for work meetings.

Google noted that it's currently developing more iOS Calendar features, including a Today View widget, which will let people see upcoming events in both the Notification Center and the lockscreen.

Google Calendar is a free download, and requires iOS 9 or later.


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    lmagoolmagoo Posts: 49member
    My sentiments exactly....they would market to you based on your calendar appointments! Who in the hell needs that....??
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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,001member
    And how long before they drop it? Google can never commit to anything! Even popular things are dropped. 
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    It already had a native interface on the iPad - the Calendar app works just fine with Google calendars, just like the native Calendar app on the Mac.

    Why would you want to use this?  It's like using Outlook for your email or calendars, there's no reason to use that horrible UI when the Apple apps already support it.
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,027member
    I don't want to use Google calendar on IOS iphone but hope Apple enhances it's default calendar app while keeping it simpler..
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    Not on my devices. Never.
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    jrg_ukjrg_uk Posts: 42member
    Now if they'd just add a search into the interface, so that I can find past events, that'd be great.
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