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In the year I've had it, my TiBook has been treated like a slave. It's been on my back in a plastic bag for COUNTLESS cross-London bicycle journeys! It's been to three continents! By plane! A lot! It's fallen off a table, had the CD slot stove in! Then it was fixed with a fork in a Covent Garden sandwich bar! Now I have Jaguar and I NEVER TURN IT OFF! I can't remember the last time it crashed!

Here, then, is a list of the world's most reliable laptops.

<a href="http://msn.zdnet.com/zdfeeds/msncobrand/reviews/0,13828,2879957,00.html"; target="_blank">God Bless Microsoft</a>


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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    I love that they have lines like:

    "For those willing to lug nearly 11 pounds of hardware, the payoff is in unrivaled power..."


    " you can live with a smallish screen and a cramped keyboard, the lightweight VAIO PCG-SRX77 offers some attractive features"

    and the winner:

    "...look no further than Dell's Inspiron 8200 family of desktop replacements, which excel at everything except portability."

    And these are the winners.
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    Ahh this is great to hear I've recently got a Ti and i utterly adore it i have tosay its the nicest machine I've layed my hands on...well maybe except an amiga 500 . Personally I haven't got a clue why anyone whines about it, I mean its cold 90% of the time unless your playing a game and then its not even as hot as my old PC got. The fan doesnt even come on when running PS/illustrator/chimera/ie/bbedit/mail and itunes. osx is breathtaking when compaired to windows, it never fails to astound me and is much faster than most windows systems I've used and the rest of the itme they're probably equal. So yeah i dont understand the constant whining about hot noisy Ti's with crap performance when it has none of these problems and is an utterly wonderful machine and god the screen is beautfiul
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    I like how threads start with these "Confirmed...." and then ends with a "...killer". You guys kill me!

    Well, in defense of some of the laptops shown there, I owned a Sony VAIO SR series laptop before I replaced that with an iBook. The SR is an engineering marvel. It is the same thickness as the TiBook, but only 60% of the surface area (its width and depth is smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper) and less than 50% of the TiBook's weight. It is also metal-topped like the TiBook. Compared to my current 12" 700 mhz iBook, which many have called Apple's subnote, the SR-33 I owned is roughly 50% of the iBook size by volume (90 vs 175 cubic inch).
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    The two VAIO subnotebooks I've owned broke. Broke quickly, broke often--and a lot of my colleagues feel the same way. They just have really poor build quality.
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