Why Apple should recall iPods...

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I own the orginal iPod. Purchased in December 2001. The scroll wheel is completely and utterly useless. Unless I am changing settings/songs/what have you, I need to have the iPod in the "Hold" setting. Otherwise the iPod will change volume as I walk down the street, change songs, albums etc.

I love Apple. I think that a recall is merited by Apple's apparent change from 'scroll dial' to 'solid state' in their latest changes to the iPod.

What do you other 'early adopters' think?


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    Such is the risk of being an early adopter. This does not make the product defective, ergo no recall is warranted. If the device did not meet your needs, you should return it or sell it and purchase an MP3 player that does. This is like saying people that bought a computer before the Pro Mouse/Keyboard shipped should be entitled to a new keyboard and mouse because in comparison to their current ones, the new ones are better.

    I had an original 5GB iPod, and personally, I liked it better than the new solid state wheels. It's a preference thing, but most certainly not a defect. The product was simply improved upon, and Apple should definitely not be obligated to recall a product based on that.

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    I feel that the product that I had purchased for US$499.99 has not held up to its original specifications for more than a few months. Why should I be obliged to sell the product that I purchased, at a premium, in order for it to work as it was originally sold at less than a few months after I spent money on it?
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    Unless it is a defective, how could it stop holding up to its own specifications? It still works as it did when you originally made the purchase.

    Are you saying that you want Apple to upgrade your iPod to a newer model because it has better features then the old model? I can understand your desire, but companies that did that sort of thing the would go out of business very quickly.
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    [quote]Originally posted by danielb0101:

    Unless I am changing settings/songs/what have you, I need to have the iPod in the "Hold" setting. <hr></blockquote>

    And the problem is...???

    No, really--I've got one, and don't know why this is a problem for you. Like a few others have mentioned, I actually prefer the scroll wheel over the solid state--feels more "interactive," if that makes any sense.
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    The problem is that the scroll wheel becomes extremely 'loose' so it moves on its own. I have a problem with mine too. Trying to get my selection on the first try is always a challenge. I remember reading about a fix for this, but I can't remember what it was. Do a search on Apple's kbase. You should be able to find it there.

    But I don't think this warrants a recall. It's normal wear and tear, if you ask me. Similar to a mouse ball getting gummed up and not working 100% right even after cleaning it.

    (Oh, did you really pay $499 for it or are you just exaggerating? The 10gig pods didn't come out until after 12/01)
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