New charity auction offers lunch with Tim Cook at Apple Park HQ

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A new Charitybuzz auction benefiting Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights is, as in the past, offering lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook -- this time however at the company's new headquarters, Apple Park.

The auction is currently underway, with an estimated value of $100,000. So far only a single $10,000 bid has been placed -- opportunities will end at 3 p.m. Eastern time on May 16.

The lunch itself must be held before Dec. 15, and while the cost of food will be included, any travel and accomomodation expenses won't be. The winner can bring along a single guest.

Cook is closely tied to Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, an organization engaged in legal and educational support of causes around the world. The executive sits on the group's board of directors, and has participated in several similar auctions in the past.

While a 2016 auction raked in $515,000, none have so far surpassed the first one in 2013, which generated $610,000.

Apple Park is still in a rough state, although some staff may already be working there. Construction is unfinished in many areas, as is landscaping, especially since the campus should eventually have nearly 9,000 trees.

One of the complex's key attractions -- the Steve Jobs Theater -- will only open later this year.


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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,173member
    If I only had the money....Oh well, one can wish!
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,408member
    I'm bidding $1.00. Fingers crossed.
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    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 2,078member
    That is one creepy photo!
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