.mac to become digital media distribution service

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This is post is not about Future Hardware, but I'd like to post it in there because of it's forward looking nature. That part of these forums seems to get the most traffic.

Does anyone read the site: <a href="http://playbacktime.com/"; target="_blank">playbacktime.com</a>? They have an interesting story about Apple's views on Digitial Rights Management (DRM).

I just made a comment over there, speculating that .mac would be the way Apple introduces a form of a digital media subscription service to it's users. I think it would be perfect for this.

They already give you a ton of "FreePlay" music on your iDisk. Could a connection with one of the record labels, or record stores be next?

Can we guess what Apple might have up it's sleeve? I see this as a real possiblitiy.

What do you think?


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Possible, but Apple has a history of not getting involved with the whole issue. Remember the whole "Sosumi" story? They might see it as a revenue stream.

    All the Freeplay stuff is really there to allow you to add soundtracks to your iMovies: no way would I listen to that stuff otherwise, and I tend to raid my iTunes library for my movies anyway...
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    Yes, Apple usually stays out of things like this and they have been mum about DRM, until now.

    This might mean something.
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