Macintosh's Second Largest Developer

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Okay, over the past few years, we always hear Microsoft as being the 2nd largest Mac developer outside of Apple.

I believe it is Bullsh*t and have always believed it as Bullsh*t. How can Microsoft know what other companies do?

"McDonough reiterated Microsoft's ongoing commitment to Apple, and noted that the software giant's team of nearly 145 developers devoted to the Mac platform is second only to Apple's."

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

The scorecard :

Microsoft = 145 Mac developers (50,500 employees)

Macromedia = 1,216 employees

Adobe = 3,029 employees

Corel = 889 employees

Netopia = 329 employees

AOL = 89,300 employees

Intuit = 6,500 employees

Symantec = 3,900 employees

Palm = 1,171 employees

Mathemetica = private

NewTek = private

BIAS = private

Deneba = private

Quark = private

Connectix = private

FileMaker = Apple owned

Apple = 9,603 employees

Your thoughts?

Modified the number to reflect total employees of the each company.

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    Microsoft is the only company that needs so many developers for just a couple of products. If I had the money I would hire 15 People and make an office suite at least as powerful as MS Office. Look at windows and Mac OS. Microsoft needs exponentially more developers for a product, that's about as complex.

    How do they know how many developers the others have?


    Apple has ADC, the Apple Developer Connection. Every major developer should be a member of this organization and apple should know how many people are working on Mac software for those developers
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    My main thought is: how many at each company are locked into developing their apps for the Mac?
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    [quote]Originally posted by JPF:


    Microsoft = 145

    Macromedia = 1,216

    Adobe = 3,029

    Corel = 889

    Netopia = 329

    AOL = 89,300

    Intuit = 6,500

    Symantec = 3,900

    Palm = 1,171

    Apple = 9,603


    These numbers are being used in a misleading manner.

    Microsoft has 145 Mac _developers_.

    The other numbers cited certainly aren't only for developers. There is no way that AOL has 616 times more mac developers than MS.

    No wonder hardly anyone bothered with this thread

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    Oops, I meant employees. Sorry, that's employees of the company.

    Its from the last Quarter report from the financial section on Yahoo!

    Changing it now...
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    Hey, another thought: second largest developer for apple, I'd think this rather has something to do with the proliferation of their software, or the amount of bucks they're racking proliferating it.

    I mean, EVERY mac comes with software of two developers: mac (in the os, quicktime and so on) and ms (in explorer).

    are there any other companies who can say the same? I don't know (but feel free to correct), I do know that my mac didn't come with a copy of photoshop.

    Moreover, how many mac-people do own (and have paid for) photoshop/illustrator/... or dreamweaver/flash/... versus office.

    I think ms might very well be telling the truth.
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    Moreover, how many mac-people do own (and have paid for) photoshop/illustrator/... or dreamweaver/flash/... versus office.


    The only one I don't own is Illustrator,mainly because the small amount of vector work I do can be done in Flash,which has kick ass color management for some reason.Office I don't own and never will,I used the demo and recognized it for the mediocre software that it is,not as buggy as it used to be but still not very powerful.Why use Power Point when you have Flash?Why use Word when you have Page Mill? Why use Excel when there are tons of far more powerful mathh apps?No reason.
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    der Kopf,

    Good thought, I didn't even think about it like that. What you are saying is percentage of distributed software, then maybe Microsoft would be second. I could see that with IE then.

    But I wonder what's the most popular Application on the Mac that is from another vendor other than Apple?

    IE or Acrobat Reader or Stuffit Expander? Or another?

    Interesting, I thought they meant the number of developers.....

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