Any Canadians carry laptop over border?

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There are obvious Mac bargains that can be had in the U.S. that aren't available to Canadians(or anyone else for that matter).

I've often thought about having my brother purchase an iBook or Powerbook. Then when the next time I visit or he comes over the border, he can just claim it as his personal one.

Is that the best way to avoid taxes and brokerage fees? Would Apple Canada honour a warranty of a product purchased in the U.S.?


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    I couldn't advise you on the legal aspects of the ownership change, but... I carry an iBook across the border several times every month at several different airports and never get any grief ... People take laptops on their travels all the time.

    If I didn't have it with me when I returned to the U.S., nobody in customs would know the difference.
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    You will not have any problem, if there isn't any packaging. Just mail the "stuff" across or put it in you laptop bag, there isn't any way to tell how old it is so you won't have a problem.

    As for buying in the states, the computers themselves are more or less the same price, double check the math. Parts such as ram, harddrives... are generally cheaper in the US.

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    Just don't carry anything sealed.
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