Rise. Ryzen.

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Zen has arrived and it's spanking Intel's greedy premium chips for half the price and half the power consumption?  And talk of Ryzen+ and 16 core models on the horizon to combat the Skylake X series.  (How cynical, Intel suddenly competes with more cores now that AMD have taken their trousers down in multimedia creative benches and in the value dept?  This despite years or incremental progress on Intel's cpus.  Call my cynical.)

Cinbench as an example.  I won't link, you can find those benches for yourselves.  And I'm aware that gaming performance has lagged a little.  But then, Mac users won't mind that as a trade for creative power, right? :P

When it comes to many cores, Ryzen 1800 cpu is offering fantastic multi-core value.  Now, will Apple stay with quad core Xeons for an iMac Pro instead of going for an 8 core Ryzen which has less power consumption and more 'pro' performance in e.g.. Cinbench?  Or stay with the premium Xeon to protect their and INtel's Premium Margins?  (Upsell has got worse under Cook's Apple.)





If AMD offer a 16 core cpu at 3 gig base clock with a turbo to say 3.6 gig for £1000?!  That would be a square kick in the nuts to Intel.

Will Apple offer a prosumer tower to give Mac users the power they have been screaming for?  And cut them a deal in th:expressionless: ?  AMD's chips have taken a 'value added' axe to Intel's CPU line up.

It's called competition.  Welcome back AMD.

I'm sure Mr. Wizard has been paying close attention.  Even in the area of APUs, this has Vega implications...

AMD gpus in Apple products.  Why not cpus of this value added magnitude?  Or will corporate greed upsell get in the way?


Lemon Bon Bon.


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