i9 vs ThreadRipper. Clash of the Titans.

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There's CPU competition back in the CPU market.



And it's been a long time in coming.  Cynically, Intel has brought forward plans for higher core counts (not without a premium...) in response to Ryzen.

AMD sucker punch with a swift counter 'counter' attack.  

Intel go with the surprise i9.  Core counts up to 12.

AMD response.  16 cores!

Clocks starting at 3 gig -ish and going up to 4 gig in some cases?

For those that like 3D rendering, this will be insane.

This is a clash the likes we haven't seen since AMD put down the 'Hammer' on the old Pentium.  Two multi-core titans going head to head.


Lemon Bon Bon.


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