Post your iTunes visualization fps

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... because I really wonder as to how slow this here ibook 600 (14.1") really is.

So, if you'd all please quickly run this little inter-mac benchmark:

iTunes 3 (please), os X, options

Full screen, large, not 'faster but rougher", using opengl, display fps (of course)

said ibook performs only 13 to 14 fps while playing a spoken-word mp3 @ 192 kbps.

bit disappointing.

how do you do.


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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    48fps on a TiBook. pretty consistant. it'll hiccup above for a bit, dip below for a bit, but stays at about 48 most of the time.

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    20 fps normal

    50 fps using the "rough but faster" setting

    Powermac G4, 400 mhz, original Radeon 32 mb

    I've always been disappointed with iTunes visuals in OS X. I used to use G-Force in OS 9, but it's not even usable in OS X on my system....too slow and it doesn't follow the rhythm properly.

    I don't understand why visuals are so much slower in OS X, since I thought that open GL in OS X is faster than in OS 9!
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    dogcowdogcow Posts: 713member
    17 inch iMac:

    30 fps - Normal

    60 fps - Faster but rougher
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