Which Iris Pro is in the current MacBook 15 base model?

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have any idea which specific Iris Pro is in the current base model MacBook Pro 15?

For reasons to numerous and boring to discuss, I really can't stand the touch bar, but am looking to upgrade my 2013 15inch. I've seen from the Geekbench OPenCL benchmarks there are several models in existence. Anyone here have an idea? Has that laptop even changed from 2015?

Even the 'live chat' people on the Apple website didn't know (or at least that's their official line)




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    The "current" 15" non-TB model uses Iris Pro 6200 graphics.  It uses Haswell architecture, first used by Apple in the MBP line in the Late 2013 models and still in use today in the 15" model you referenced.  I don't know if it has been changed at all from its introduction, but don't believe it has been.  
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    Thank you!
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