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So I'm taking an Intro to Java class, and have been fiddling around with a few different development environments. I think that I'd like to stick with Apples own Dev Tools (I like the formatting abilities), but run in to one big problem - How does one go about changing the default HTML file for applets? I know that applets in general aren't used much, but most of the assignments use them since it simplifies the use of windows for us newbies.. Dev Tools looks for a file named example1.html, but even then it doesn't put it where it needs it. Kinda screwy. If you have Dev Tools, try building and running the default applet that it creates; you'll get an error. So what I've been doing is writing the code using Dev Tools, then once I know it compiles properly I copy/paste over to BlueJ. I really like the way BlueJ allows you to simply click on a class from the main project window and then run it solo, whether it be an applet or application.

My confusion has been made even greater by the fact that I appear to have changed this setting on one of my projects. I can find nothing in the docs, and have received no help from <a href=""; target="_blank">Apples own Knowledge Base</a>.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.



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    if you look inside "/Developer/ProjectBuilder Extras" you'll notice a few folders. one is "File Templates", another "Project Templates". Inside there are the default files for various things u can make in project builder. if u edit these files (like the applet project), then every time in PB u try to make a new project it'll start u off with ur edited version.

    so, u can fix the code in the projects to your liking, and then put them in that folder.
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