Apple Steps Up Unasked!!

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Hello to all. I recently ordered an new MBP and an Apple watch through the Apple store. I chose next day delivery because once I finally make up my mind I want it yesterday. Anyway I placed the order around 2PM EDT and the laptop arrived at about 10AM the next day. There was no sign of the watch so I started pinging the FedEx tracking number. It looked like it finally arrived at my local FedEx depot at around 9:30 or so.

I then received a message saying it would be delivered the following day. Hey, everyone makes a fumble now & then so I just spent the day setting up the new MBP and playing around with a beautiful Leica camera and lens that I'm writing an article on and have for 14 days before it needs to go back to the manufacturer  :'(

 Anyway, later that same morning I get an email form Apple apologizing for the delay and saying that they are cancelling ALL the shipping charges for that order because the watch was late! The watch arrived the same day at 9AM! At no time did I ask Apple for any kind of a refund nor did I expect one because of a simple human error. Hats off to Apple!!

PS. My wife liked the watch so much that I have another one coming in for her, guys, she is NOT a tech person so color me ecstatic!!

Kein in CT



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