When is the new Mac Mini coming out?

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I'm going to be buying a new Mac Mini in October. When is the refresh?


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    Nobody will touch this, for good reason, but I'll say this: Apple could have refreshed the Mac mini when they did the iMacs in June. They didn't. That argues for a redesign rather than a refresh for the next release. Thunderbolt 3, anyone?

    I'll guess they are waiting for something, but what? Maybe Coffee Lake -- more efficient than Kaby Lake, and possibly with improved Intel graphics -- maybe even support for DisplayPort 1.4? Thereby allowing it to support a future standalone Apple 5K display in a single Thunderbolt 3 cable?

    Due "2H 2017" according to an official Intel tweet dated 9 February 2017.
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    In sum, you might be okay in October, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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    My bet is that they will update it when they unveil the MacPro redesign and release the new 5k monitor that goes along with it.  Next WWDC will be the announcement, with shipping as late as Q3 2018.

    Wishlist for the revised Mac Mini:
    i3 to i7, USB C and Thunderbolt 3, easy to crack open to change out ram/HD.

    My super pie-in-the-sky wish list for the Mac Nano:
    It will be half the size of an iPhone.  A series CPU with A11fusion or better for ~$250 with 128GB/6GB and $400 with 256GB/8GB. Obviously, it only runs App Store apps, since they have to be recompiled for the A series CPU.
    One Thunderbolt 3 male adapter (no cable needed, you just plug it straight into the monitor). No power plug or adapter, it just gets power through the TB3 port/monitor.
    No other ports, including headphone jack.
    Latest wifi and Bluetooth
    Can run an AppleTV interface when so desired.

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