Batch removal of 32-bit iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and iTunes running under macOS Sierra?

in Genius Bar
Hello all - especially iOS and macOS developers. I just submitted the following request to Apple. Perhaps you know of an existing way to do what I am requesting. If not, perhaps you could develop tools to aid millions of iOS users (and macOS iTunes users too) with what I've requested. Thanks! SNazz123

"Hello. I understand that iOS 11 will no longer support 32-bit iOS apps. Fine. I'm good with that but I have about 200 32-bit apps that will need to be manually and painfully eliminated on my iPhone 7 and new iPad Pro 10.5. My plan is to wait until August 2017 and if the developer has not provided 64-bit replacement apps, remove all my 32-bit apps. Would it be possible to provide a tool that would batch remove these legacy apps? I would also like to have a macOS app that will do the same thing in iTunes. Otherwise the manual removal will be a major drag."

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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