Watch: All the new features and fixes introduced with iOS 11 beta 3

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Apple on Monday issued a third beta version of its upcoming iOS 11 operating system to developers for testing. In this video, AppleInsider takes a closer look at a few new features and bug fixes that rolled out with the release, including a simplified Notification Center, more intuitive App Switcher on iPad, Safari enhancements and more.

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    SoliSoli Posts: 8,550member
    1) Smart Invert could be a sign that LED displays are coming. 

    2) I'm glad to see the video has been added in the forum. 👍
    edited July 2017
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    boxcatcherboxcatcher Posts: 138member
    Wait, what!? Did I see Comcast Xfinity on the list of new TV providers?!
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    Eric_WVGGEric_WVGG Posts: 514member
    “enjoying this video"? enjoying that tan, bro
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    Anyone else notice ATV Control Center widget not locating their ATV3?
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    I'm glad of this update because previously my iPad would only charge while hooked to a it lets me charge it from any other source like normal! Yea!
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    ireland said:
    Anyone else notice ATV Control Center widget not locating their ATV3?
    I have iOS 11 beta 3 on my iPad Air 2. The Control Center Apple TV remote widget does not recognize my 2nd gen Apple TVs. It only shows the 4th gens. Fortunately, the Remote app and the AirPlay option to send video to an Apple TV still show both the 2nd and 4th gen Apple TVs. If I remember correctly, the Remote app once lost connectivity to the older Apple TVs for a short time and Apple eventually corrected it, though in this case, I expect it may be more deliberate since they already have the code from the Remote app which connects to all of them.
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    Is this the same as the public beta? I am running that on my ipad air.
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    Has anyone noticed that “Siri & Search” are not showing in Settings? Mine has completely disappeared, not sure if it’s a bug or an intentional removal as they work on features...
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