BluRay Ripping Software

in Mac Software
I've been frustrated with the software available to make backups of BluRay disks (that I've purchased) and was hoping someone could offer a solution.

I know the idea of ripping disks seems outdated these days with everyone streaming but for parents with small children disks are still the way to go. On long summer car trips we rely on our library of disks to keep the kids occupied once the thrill of sitting in a car for 6 hours wears off. I know this whole topic is controversial so let me clarify these are disks I have purchased. I own them. I just don't want to buy them again and again once they end up scratched so I always make backups for the kids. With DVDs it used to be much easier but now that we have switched to buying BluRays there seem to be few options.

Can anyone recommend software that is worth paying for and will not infect my computer with some scary virus or end up not really doing what it claims? I have looked at the stuff that you can easily find on Google and it seems sketchy.

All I want is for a simple BluRay disk cloner that will make an exact duplicate. I'm not interested in making MKV files or removing menus or remastering to smaller file sizes. Is anyone using something like this they would recommend?
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