iBook and PowerBook deals: advice wanted

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I have spent a good few minutes building some nicely specified *Book bundles. I'm planning to use it for the usual (MP3/Ogg/video encoding, CD burning, watching DVDs, the odd game, warbussing, office apps and some leisurely programming) until I go back to University.

These prices are from Apple's UK Education Store. The Virtual PC Offer 5.0 offer has run out, but I've included it on the off chance that they'll renew it.

1)PowerBook 1GHz combo

Doubling the RAM costs £28 (Apple RAM a bargain == ): no brainer.

I've been after a digital camera for a while so in the Digital Souvenirs offer goes. If this and the RAM offer are incompatible, then I'd keep the camera. The Compact Flash card is for the camera.

The Linksys Router is a cable/DSl router, four port 10/100 switch with 802.11 and its price is reasonably representative (more research required but I'll need something like it). The Airport is too expensive for my budget.

2) PowerBook DVD-R

The DVD-R drive is only £128 more. Does the Superdrive/iDVD support DVD-RW? Will I actually burn DVDs? Probably.

3) iBook combo:

I prefer the 12.1" iBook over the 14.1" one. The Double Your RAM offer isn't available, so a 512MB SO DIMM is necessary .

Airport card: not included, in it goes.
  • Does installing my own RAM void the warranty? (I'd hope not).

  • Will the Open Firmware monitor spanning hack still work? Time will tell.

  • Will I miss the Altivec unit? In Aqua? Encoding audio/video files? I quite fancied writing some Altivec code too.

  • Definitely miss the PowerBook's 15.1" screen.

Miscellaneous musings:
  • Smaller Compact Flash card? 256MB is probably a little extreme, so I could save £30 and get a 128MB one.

  • Is Applecare on the iBook/Powerbook worth it?

  • The 867MHz PowerBook Combo would cost £1843 with an Airport card and 512MB RAM. Is 20GB hard drive space, an Airport card, 512MB more RAM, 32MB more VRAM and 133MHz more CPU clock worth £280? I think I've answered my own question there .

  • The Virtual PC offer is probably closed, so £21 off there.

  • Any more Apple Store offers I missed?

  • What accessories do the iBook/PowerBook come with ? (AV cables, DVI/VGA adaptor, etc..)

  • Will I get another interim job soon?


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    I'll try to answer what I can:

    Consumer groups all say it is a good idea to buy extended warranty service on laptops, so take that for what you will.

    Installing RAM does not void the warranty.

    That's all i know
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