MOVED [GB]: is there anyway to "import" users?

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My family has two macs at two different houses.

my parents house has a Sawtooth running Jaguar

mine is an ibook 600 combo.

what I want to do is export one of my "user" from my ibook into the sawtooth, is this possible? by importing user i mean copying everything in the, say... "user one" in my HDD>users folder. AND have the Sawtooth system recognize it as a new use and put it in the login screen.

Is this possible?

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    yes. you have to open a new account on the computer you want to transfer the user, with the same name as the old one, then just replace the users folder of the newly created with the old one.

    should work. you probably need to fiddle with your permissions, but it's gonna work. I did that several times.
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