Invoke right-click context menu from the keyboard for arrow key selected item

in macOS
Is it worth it for macOS to support invoking the right-click context menu from the keyboard for the currently arrow key selected item (as opposed to the mouse pointer) as is possible in Windows and Linux?


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    I guess DED disagrees with this:

    Microsoft also added a special key for opening contextual menus, featuring the icon of a pointer on a menu. The key simply acts like the right mouse button; it’s not only superfluous and clumsy for PCs using two button mice, but also less elegant than Apple’s convention for using control-clicking to bring up a menu with the mouse.

    DED has written a *lot* of good stuff, and is usually *extremely* attentive to detail, but he missed an important one:

    The context menu key or SHIFT-F10 keyboard shortcut invokes the context menu at the keyboard pointer, not the mouse pointer.  This can be either a cursor on a word in a text editor, a selected file in a file manager, or some other GUI element selected with the keyboard.

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