Video: Rumors mount for LTE-connected Apple Watch



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    Nice video...
    where can I find the mobile data map shown in here?

    Thanks, Roberto
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    stanhopestanhope Posts: 156member
    mtbnut said:
    This is great news. The other day I said to myself, "I really wish Apple would work on decreasing the Watch's battery life. It just lasts too long." This is the perfect remedy: adding LTE connectivity. 
    Yes, that was my thought as well. LTE in your watch... really? Why?
    What I would like to see is wireless charging (over 5-10 meters) so I don't have to take the watch off at night. Or week-long battery life.
    Sure, it sounds great to be able to take a run with just your watch and still be able to get calls or text, but this is way down on my list of wishes for a watch.
    Well I hate to break it to you but you’re going to get LTE for conservative data sipping long before you get “week long” battery life. 
    Maybe so. I will settle for wireless charging. But until that happens I will just stick with my analogue Seiko.
    So you don’t even have the devices you’re criticizing. Brilliant. 

    Good luck playing music, receiving notifications, making payments, or controlling homekit scenes with your, uh, Seiko. 
    Amen...the toothless speaking about dentures when he gums his meat.
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