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This email has been on my to do list for many months.  I've been a regular listener for more than 3 years now and enjoy the show the most when Neil or Daniel participates.

But, as for Victor.... he's really gotta go...
Victor is very eloquent and maybe could continue to HOST the podcast, but for God's sake - please make him STOP sharing his opinions!!!  He presents them as facts and they're usually anything but.  By his tone of voice, he considers himself to be the expert on every topic that comes up.  I'm tired of listening to his gibberish and I'm tired of his condescending tone - especially when he's interrupting Neil to "correct" him.  It comes across as petty, unprofessional and the correction is usually wrong, or completely irrelevant to what it supposed to be the topic of discussion.

I cringe whenever Victor tries to speak for "most people" because his opinions and his personal use cases are just so far out in left field.  They may be valid use cases for him - but I strongly doubt that they are valid or important to MANY people let alone MOST!  

I consider it a huge waste of my time to even listen when he is talking.  If you're not going to take my suggestion and diminish Victors role in the Podcast (as I don't expect you will), could you PLEASE start recording Victor on the left channel and all other speakers on the right challenge so I can adjust my balance such that I don't have to listen to him???  Please!!!!???

There are too many topics and incidents I could give as examples of his unprofessionalism and misguided opinions because it's been going on for so long - but it hit critical mass for me several months ago when you were discussing how a manufacturer had promised HomeKit compatibility via a free upgrade.  One or more of the manufacturers failed to honour their promise and Victor defended them by saying that it was understandable that they were reneging on their promise "because they didn't realize they needed to license hardware from Apple".  His position was that the manufacturer only had to honour their promise if they could do so "for free via software".  That was the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard and made me think that Victor was on that companies payroll.  Since then, I have heard dozens of comments from him that are far from objective (and far from accurate) on a lot of different topics.

If he were my employee, I'd be auditing his bank account VERY closely - as it appears obvious to me that he is getting kickbacks from MANY different companies.  Nothing else explains the consistently bizarre opinions he expresses on the air.

Please reign him in dramatically and consider replacing him permanently with Daniel or someone else who is intelligent, polite and objective!

Thanks for listening...
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