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I recently had a real bad experience with Adorama.  

I purchased the a Apple Macbook Pro (MBP) 2016 model on July 19, 2017 from  It was a 13 inch, 2.9Ghz 1TB SSD model - I got it for my IT professional services business. I went with Adorama since I had been tracking the deals here on AppleInsider and Adorama was closing out their 2016 models.
I received the MBP laptop around July 23,2017 and unfortunately, I got tied up with business and didn't get to open the device and configure it until around mid- August, just before the time of my 30-day return window.  While configuring the laptop out of the box, I noticed one of the USB-C ports would not work with the power cord and would not recognize a USB thumb drive. The 3 other USB-C ports worked fine with a power cord and would recognize a USB thumb drive.   I thought it was odd, but did some research and found on Apple's web site that there were a few things that a user could try (such as re-setting NVRAM) to resolve certain USB  port issues.  I tried the Apple troubleshooting steps but they did not resolve my USB-C port issue.  The next step, per Apple's recommendation, was to schedule an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar.  Due to my work schedule, I had to schedule an appointment for Thursday, August 31,2017.   
I didn't really consider trying to return the laptop within the 30-day period since the Adorama website showed this model as "out of stock" right after I made my purchase.  I wanted the laptop, so I was comfortable with running it through Apple Support as I felt protected with Apple's 1-year warranty and accepted the fact that even though this most likely would be a drawn-out process, in the end I would get my laptop fixed under Apple Support - or at least I thought.
During my Genius Bar appointment at the Apple Store on August 31, it was discovered by Apple that the USB-C port that didn't work was caused by water damage and showed signs of rust and green discoloration.  I was stunned, as I take meticulous care of my devices and just literally took the laptop out of the box a couple weeks prior to the appointment. Because the issue was perceived as water damage, this issue would not be covered under Apple's 1-year warranty and the estimate for the USB-C port repair was between $500-1500 depending on what would be found at the repair center once Apple dug a little deeper.  At this point it was also discovered by Apple that the serial number for the laptop had a Date of Purchase of March 3, 2017. I asked if it could be the date that Adorama purchased the laptop and two individuals at the Apple Store, the rep I was working with and his manager, stated that that it didn't sound right and should be brought up with Adorama.

I spoke to a couple of Adorama individuals through phone calls and emails and in the end they refused to help me.  All they did was give me the run around.  They claim there is no way I could have received a damaged laptop as it hadn't been a return or couldn't have been damaged in their warehouse.  But the fact is I did receive a damage laptop right out of the box and they refused to assist me in any way to make it right. Adorama also claimed that the March 3 Date of Purchase that Apple is showing is when Adorama purchased the laptop from their Apple Certified Distributor and that it was up to me to work with Apple to get tit straightened out.  I'm in the process of working with Apple and not sure how the Date of Purchase discrepancy is going to turn out at this point.

This was a large dollar purchase which makes it worse.  I paid $2,000 for a damaged unit.  Some may say there are two sides to every story. But for the life of me, I can't see how the MBP was water damaged in my possession. 

In the end I made two major mistakes: 1) I waited too long to open and configure the laptop; and 2) I didn't put it on a credit card that may have provided me with some purchase protection.

I will never make another purchase from 
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