Moved: AmigaOne runs MacOS 9.2?

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Ok so it was really Yellowdog PPC Linux and MacOnLinux that ran MacOS 9.2, and he had to take the hard drive out of his PowerMac that already had 9.2 installed on it. But at least it is one step closer to running MacOS on the AmigaOne system.

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    penheadpenhead Posts: 45member
    Sure it does, but you don't get the cool box

    Now that's worth AT LEAST another $2-5k!
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    jet powersjet powers Posts: 288member
    I always thought OpenPPC would be the Trojan Horse to mac clones.....If Amiga can pull it off (esp. with OS X) so much the better.

    Apple needs to feel some heat on the price side of things.

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