Christen the burner!

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I just got my Lacie 48x eexternal CD burner. Now supposedly this thing can pop out a full CD in les than four minutes. My question to you is: Which CD should grace my virgin laser?


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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    wow that is really fast!

    I will say make the first song on the cd classical and the rest of the CD, let itunes choose by making a smart buddy list and making it random. Apple knows best ; )

    OR, what I would do is pick my favorite band and burn it
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    I thought you meant Christen - as in give it a name.

    I was going to suggest Bunsen.
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    asaphasaph Posts: 176member
    Bunsen! I love it! I hadn't eveen thoughtt about actually naming the burner yet... I'm such a terrible father... Bunsen it is. But yeah - looking for CDs here.
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