First iPhone 8 teardown reveals few internal design changes [u]



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    kevin kee said:
    Size does no matter (that's what she said). It's all come down to quality, and Apple manage to add longer hours in their smaller package (,review-4677.html).
    Actually, Size does matter. Battery life is a pretty simple equation - battery capacity ÷ power consumption. To increase battery life, you can either make things more efficient, put a larger battery in, or increase the energy density of the battery. I think it's safe to assume that all the last option has been exhausted with current technology and safety limits, meaning the money is in the first 2 options. 

    Assuming that Apple's estimates are correct, the fact that they have increased battery life with a smaller battery means they've done an admirable job of increasing the efficiency of the phone. No matter what, though, if they had put in a larger battery, the battery life would be longer. The 8's battery is 7% smaller. Apple gave a battery life estimate of 12-14 hours - this means that 7% would add close to an extra hour of battery life. I can think of plenty of times that extra hour would have come in very handy, and all of those battery packs not only add significant bulk to the phone, but will most likely interfere with the wireless charging capabilities. 

    What gets me is the 'large taptic engine module.' What's the point of this? Supposedly they removed the physical button to make the 7 waterproof. The waterproofing excuse doesn't hold up - There are other phones on the market that are water proof and still have a regular button; if they wanted to, they could have removed the engine, leaving room for other components and/or a larger battery. Given the design of the X, they are planning on ditching the home button totally, so developing the taptic engine to remove the physical button for 2 versions seems odd.

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