Moving' on up promo from Appleinsider - what is it?

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I just got an invite email saying that I have received a promo for Movie' on up and that I need to make 10 posts. What is this promo and what is Movie' on up? Is this legit?

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    jSnivelyjSnively Posts: 328administrator

    We have some gamification on the forums, when users hit certain milestones they get an achievement of sorts. The email was just letting you know that you got one.

    The milestones are:
    Movin' on Up - Make 10 posts (account must be at least a day old)
    100 Post Club - Make 100 posts (account must be at least a week old)
    First Anniversary - Account must be at least 1 year old and you must have made at least 20 posts
    1,000 Post Club - Make 1,000 posts and your account must be at least a couple months old
    Veteran - Be a forum member for 5 years (must have made at least 100 posts)

    They're completely arbitrary for the most part. Certain limits get relaxed the further up you climb.
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    Thank you, JSnively.

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