Quark Bashing: Join in the fun!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
If you're the sort of Mac classicist who still goes to bed each night

sobbing over the loss of the rainbow Apple logo, the dismantling of the

Icon Garden, the retirement of the Happy Mac boot icon, and the

de-emphasis of Clarus the Dogcow, you probably cried yourself a river a

couple of months back when Apple officially announced the death of Mac

OS 9-- by indicating that starting this January all new Macs will boot

only into Mac OS X. Oh, sure, Mac OS 9 will live on in the Classic

environment, but it's just not the same, you know? Sometimes you just

want to boot into an operating system designed for mid- eighties-era

hardware and paradigms, and not just run it as a protected process for

access to ancient outdated applications like MacPaint, the original

Dark Castle, and QuarkXPress 5.


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