Should I buy/sell hardware? Help me out.

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I'm in a bit of a situation here. I'm an Apple Consultants Network member, at the Premier level, and that means I've been tested on, and know, OS X Server -- or, more accurately, I can cram at the last minute and barely pass the tests to get the ACTC (Apple Certified Technical Coordinator) certification. But really, we all know that hands-on experience is what really solidifies your knowledge of something, and OS X Server is no exception.

But getting on to the question of what I should sell/buy (if anything).

Right now, I really DON'T have a lot of money to play with (who does?), but it's imperative to me to have a machine running OS X Server -- I actually lost the chance at a job (consulting appointment, not a full-time job) because I didn't know OSXS and Retrospect well enough. That incident was what solidifed it for me: Go out and buy something, ANYTHING, that can run OSXS, and hammer away at it day in and day out. I have an XP box I can use to learn the ins and outs of networking OSXS with Windows, and a Yellow Dog Linux machine (a 9500) to test out how OSXS interacts with UNIX machines.

What I did was take my 450 mhz Cube, clean-format it as my OSXS machine, and got a new MDD G4 dual 867 as my desktop (10% off from the Apple store, as it was a floor display). My original intention was to make that be the server, but it seemed ridiculous to put such an overpowered machine into service as a server just for my own use.

But the noise is driving me nuts, and I feel guilty constantly, given my crappy financial condition. I could've just stuck with the Cube as my desktop and gotten a B&W G3 for $299 to run OSXS.

In addition, I have a Pismo G3/500 that I got a while back, back when I used to have a nice salary and stuff. I've babied it ever since (use iKlear on it periodically; got the rubber feet replaced when needed; had the JR Hill leather keyboard protector from day one) and with the AppleCare extended warranty and boosted RAM (768 MB), could probably fetch a nice price for it on eBay, especially if I do the old "I'm leaving some software on it for evaluation purposes, wink wink nudge nudge" trick.

I'm thinking of doing the same with the MDD dual 867, too, perhaps, given the aforementioned guilt and the annoying noise. (Coming from a fanless Cube, it's REALLY hard to take.) I got 10% off on it, and it's a new machine, so I could potentially make all my money back if I'm lucky.

Here are my "limitations," I guess:

- I don't want to give up the Cube. It's too unique a machine, and I upgraded the hard drive, RAM, and video card to extend its life. I may go for the PowerLogix dual 800 upgrade if I sell other things. (MAYBE.)

- I would be reluctant to give up the Pismo, because I really do need some kind of mobile computing ability. I could be persuaded to sell the MDD and Pismo, however, and perhaps make a new TiBook my main desktop AND mobile machine.

- I have a Sony GDM-F500 monitor -- this is the 21" FD Trinitron (flat picture tube) that used to go for $1600 in mid-1999. If I can get some kind of respectable amount for this monitor on eBay, I could perhaps get rid of that for some cash, but it's a hard monitor to let go of.

- My sister is a college student, and I am not averse to having her sign up in Apple's ADC student program so I -- er, she -- can get a good price on a new TiBook, something I could do if I sell the Pismo for a good price and get a good price on the MDD also.

Too many confusing possibilities here. Anybody have any suggestions?
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