SmartHalo bike navigation & tracking accessory comes to Apple stores

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The SmartHalo -- an iPhone-compatible bicycle accessory, aimed at navigation, fitness, and safety -- is now available through Apple's web and brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. and Canada.

The device locks to a bike's handlebar, and communicates with a dedicated app via Bluetooth 4.0. Its signature ring light tells riders how to get to a selected destination via either turn-by-turn or compass-style modes.

During trips, a blue dot illuminates for incoming phone calls, while a front light turns on and off automatically based on the time of day and when the SmartHalo detects a trip is in progress. The product also records fitness data such as estimated calories burned, syncing with Apple's Health app.

For security, the device can only be detached using a special key, and will sound an alarm if it detects possible tampering.

SmartHalo is in fact built to be left on a bike semi-permanently. This includes weatherproof housing and a three-week battery, assuming one hour of riding every day. To recharge, however, it must be unlocked and connected to USB.

Apple is selling the SmartHalo for $149.95. Compatible iPhones range back to the iPhone 4S.

Stay tuned for AppleInsider's full review.


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    Looks cool...If I were a biker, I'd certainly consider this device. Good price, too.

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    Looking forward to the review.
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    Thanks for the article. I'm looking forward to the review too.

    It's not in the UK Store yet so no hurry  :s
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    Yes, looking forward to the review.  Please cover such things as why this would be useful to someone who already has an Apple Watch.  That's not snark, I'm really interested in that. :)
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    All of the functions listed (and much more) are already available via an iPhone case with a handlebar mount or just an Apple Watch.  Even a basic bicycle speedometer would be more useful.

    This looks to be pretty dumb...
    ...  The potential of mobile exercise tracking & assistance is enormous.  This contraption is perhaps a step backwards.
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    Yeah, shut off the phone part of the phone while riding.  Cycling takes as much if not more situational awareness as driving - a good rider has their head on a swivel.  And please ditch the headphones.  You can't hear other riders warnings.  
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    Seems like an overly large device considering the few functions is has. Maybe for the sake of the battery or fitting on all bikes but I'd at least expect it to tell me speed, distance etc at that size. Interesting idea though
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