PocketPC and Macs

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I am thinking about switching from PC to Mac. I have an iPaq which I would like to be able to continue using if I switch. I know about the existence of PocketMac...my question is, how well does it run? And does it run as well on a G3 iBook as on a G4 machine (in practice, not in theory)?



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    Make the switch! I'm a PPC user as well (at least until something comes from Apple that will make me sell my nifty toshiba e740). Pocketmac seems promising, but I use Virtual PC to sync. It's more of a backup/software installation system than anything else. I've heard mixed things about pocketmac and it doesn't work in jaguar (OS X 10.2) yet, which is the OS you'll have if you get a new computer. I've run into zero problems using VPC 5 to sync wirelessly and nothing greater than the ordinary PPC syncing problems over USB. Since I presume you've got a windows installation CD someplace you can get VPC for pretty cheap because you don't need to pay for a windows license. (Alternatively you can find it from *other* sources.)

    BTW, this probably should go in the digital hub forum.
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