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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about iPhone 8 production numbers being cut, anticipation for iPhone X, the FCC's useless call for FM radios on iPhones, and Apple buying a healthcare company, and much more.

In our latest episode, AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks discuss:
  • Rumors suggest that Apple is cutting production orders for iPhone 8, 8 Plus by as much as 50%. This seems very early. Is everyone waiting for the X model?
  • NAB joins the FCC in calling on Apple to enable an FM radio that Apple says isn't even in iPhone 7 and 8
  • A video purports to show Apple's Project Titan self-driving car camera and LIDAR array. We've been following this one since the beginning.
  • Microsoft releases Surface Book 2 and teases an ARM based SurfaceBook with multi-day battery life
  • which totally makes sense to us, because we still think there's a place for a MacBook running an A-series ARM chip.
  • Apple looked into acquiring a healthcare company. Neil thinks Apple is hesitant about FDA approval processes, Victor thinks they were two years ago, but have gotten a streamlined pre-cert process for software going at the FDA, and are probably prepared to handle the expense of FDA medical devices in ways they weren't a few years ago.
  • The Wi-Fi KRACK vulnerability is already patched in developer betas for every Apple OS. Since this crack affects 802.11r, Apple's AirPort routers are unaffected.
  • Neil follows up on last week's story about Movies Anywhere, by using VUDU to convert his physical discs into VUDU, which then appear on all the partner services Movies Anywhere works with. Net result: all his discs (from participating movie studios) now show up in iTunes on AppleTV.
  • Senator Al Franken previously wrote to Apple inquiring about security and Apple's new FaceID facial recognition. This week, he's satisfied with Apple's response and applauds them for addressing consumer security and privacy concerns.
  • Destiny 2 on iPad... via an app called R-Play, that allows iPad to receive game streams from your PS4, remotely. This is kind of a neat trick, since the app works with MFi game controllers, like the SteelSeries Nimbus.
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,220member
    Ok... since you can take the hate... ;)

    I'm not sure I'd say KRACK isn't a big deal... just avoid public WiFi networks. I think beyond we geeks here, most people heavily use public WiFi and take little to no precautions when they do. Hopefully those device updates come soon!

    Also, RT is the Russian propaganda network like NBC, Fox, etc. are the USA propaganda network. You can't, or shouldn't believe everything on any of them. But, you might want to pay attention to RT, as they often have info the US MSM miss or ignore. That RT is just a propaganda network, is ironically, propaganda from the US gov't (which is now legal for them to do).
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    A review or of alternate podcast apps for phones would be appreciated.

    As current Apple Podcast App 11 is broken , constant crashing , UI slow to respond , generally unusable .

    Enjoy your podcast but kinda impossible to listen to now on my current iPhone .

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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,220member
    ccstirkjr said:
    A review or of alternate podcast apps for phones would be appreciated.

    As current Apple Podcast App 11 is broken , constant crashing , UI slow to respond , generally unusable .

    Enjoy your podcast but kinda impossible to listen to now on my current iPhone .

    I've been pretty happy with Overcast so far. One big feature is the speed-up and time-compression stuff. You have to work up slowly, but for most content now, I'm listening at an effective rate of 2x-3x.

    Another big feature if you're a big podcast listener (I listen to over 50 podcasts), is that Overcast has servers that check the feeds, instead of the app itself having to check each feed. This saves a lot of time and data! Each podcast feed the app has to read can be several hundred Kilobytes, and seems like the Apple app did it all the time (and got wonky while doing so). Overcast, it's like you launch it, see the indicator show how many episodes are available/downloading and within a few seconds to a minute, it's all updated.

    The only downside, is that if the servers have issues, it can be less reliable for a particular podcast than going right to the podcast feed. (i.e.: you might notice a podcast not having new episodes, but when you check their actual feed, they do have them.) Since the developer doesn't provide support, all you can do is send an email and hope. I've had this happen to a couple podcasts (again, out of 50+) over the last year, and after a couple weeks to a month, the problem resolves.
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