when do fans kick in? fan noise 2017 Macbook Pro 13"

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At what kind of load do the fans kick in on recent Macbook Pro 13"s?  Do the fans kick in during any kind of 'normal' usage?: i.e. video streaming, web surfing, etc?  Or do they only kick in during heavy loads like gaming or video processing?

I am looking to replace my 2011 Macbook Air 13":
12" Macbook: advantage = absolute silent operation.  Downside = with a max of 512MB, I can't put all of my audio files on it.
13" Macbook Pro: advantage = 1TB storage, good reviews of its speakers.  Downside = fan noise.

I really like silence.  For the most part, my 2011 MBA is quiet, but often when streaming video, the fan will come on.  For some reason, C|Net's site is a particularly bad video bandwidth hog, and the fans come on loud.  I'm O.K. with having the fans come on when doing things like ripping used CDs, but want the laptop to be dead quiet during 'normal' use.

Thanks in advance....
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