Disabled AppleID

in Genius Bar
Hi there,

I have two iphones (4S and SE) which have been stolen from me some time ago. The thief turn on iphone SE and it wiped out and apple disabled it. Now the police caught that guy and gave the phones to me but I cant use them! The 4S one is set to airplane mode, but in icloud i set it to wipe so i can't make it logged to gsm or wifi.

When I turn on the SE it asked me to provide appleid and password, then asked to change password via webpage. I did that and icloud now says the appleid is blocked. My appleid is [email protected] and the rescue mail address is the same, so I can't receive message to unblock my account. Also I don't remember the answers to security questions.

I call to apple support and they verified me using my credit card details, but they keep saying they can't reset security questions. They say I need to answer one security question.

I'm stuck!!!

They verified me by credit card details so they know it's my account. I told them I can send them invoices of that phones, my ID, and everything else they want, but they keep saying me i need to answer that damn security question. At least one of three.

What else I can do to enable and restore my account? Maybe some of you had the similar issue? I want to use my old appleid because of contacts, notes, bought applications and gigabytes of photos stored on drive. Now they say it has gone, just because I don't remember the answer.

Please help me. Any ideas?

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