How to sell a brand new in box iPhone X already attached to pre-installed SIM with our cellphone #?

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I pre-ordered two iPhone X's and they are coming on November 3rd.  I had to order through Verizon because apple store was down and then erroring out on last part of checkout.  So Verizon only option was to UPGRADE existing phone lines so I just moved forward with an upgrade for both lines.  I am guessing these will ship with pre-installed SIM's like my other recent Verizon phone did? 

So to sell these on eBay or wherever, do I need to crack open the box and pull out the SIM?  Or should I contact Verizon and tell them to remove the SIM ID in these phones from my account so a new owner can activate with the pre-installed SIM's?  I didn't want to unbox it at all so I could sell it without even breaking the seal on anything.  

I know people sell these things every year on eBay and wasn't sure what the best practice was for selling a new phone that was not activated but was "linked" to an existing line upgrade.  I searched all over the web last night and today and you would think this is covered 1000 times over.  There is nothing at all on how to do it - let alone the best way. 

Any ideas?

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