IPAD IOS 11 Control Center

in iPad

I am desperate,  I am trying to find where Apple had hidden the "Access Within APPS switch " in the IPAD version of the IOS 11 software.  On the IPHONE it is so easy, so in Control Center and the switch is there. On the IPAD, to go in the Control Center and NO SWITCH.... I am look everywhere on the Apple site with no success..

My problem right is my IPAD is use mainly for games...  And on some of the games, the "POP UP" Control Center kills my game and kick me out.....  I don't need that stupid "POP UP" control Center and why APPLE wasn't intelligent enough to have that "Access Within APPS switch" at the same they put it on the IPHONE.

Anyone know WHERE OFF Switch for the Control Center is located in the IPAD version of the IOS 11 software?

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

Fast finger

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