Walmart Straight Talk Iphone 6 usable in the T-Mobile network

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Hello everybody, 
I tried to research the topic myself, but coming from Europe - the US mobile system is still a riddle to me...

I bought an 32 GB Straight Talk Iphone 6 at Walmart this black Friday... I currently have a plan from a carrier called J1-SIM that uses the T-Mobile network.

Model: A1549 - MQ422LL/A

Can anyone tell me if I can use this phone with that plan?
If so what do I have to watch out for/how can I use it?

Thank y'all very much!


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    Nobody any idea?

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    Have you tried the Straight Talk website?  They should have a list of compatible phones.

    Bear in mind that service can also vary by region of the country.  Straight Talk piggybacks on all of the carriers' networks, and some are better than others in various areas.

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