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I notice that the last discussion of iWeb here took place in 2009. I have studied full stack web programming and am comfortable around html and scripting in such as Python, however, I have found iWeb with its graphical user interface very helpful in quickly assembling a site. I use it still on an older MacBook Pro. I'm interested to know what people who used to use iWeb use today. Incidentally, the ability of iWeb to add snippets of code has made it possible to do things under new web standards that didn't exist when the program was last updated. Apple I believe, was onto something there, too bad they dropped development.
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    I’d love to still use it (read: have it BE usable) because a couple of the places for whom I designed sites have little to know computer knowledge at all. BUT they could use a WYSIWYG editor and so loved iWeb. I just wound up using TextEdit to recreate them as regular HTML/CSS files. Heck, I still use TextEdit if I’m going to be doing a website front-end. I dunno; I just like how it feels. I dabbled around in Coda for a while but never stuck with it. I hear it’s pretty good now, though.
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