Anyone else seeing this on their Macs? (Mac virus?)

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Not sure if this is GB material or not, but it's odd enough and starting to happen often enough that I figure I'd ask here.

Lately at work I've had 5 seperate Macs, running OS 9 run into a strange slow-down problem.

If the user launches IE, ALL MS Office apps. will suddenly slow down, and begin this jerky, paused/unpause type behavior. I've never seen this before, and the only way I've found to fix it is a reformat, reinstall of everything, which is unacceptable (unless absolutely necessary).

Reinstalling Office/IE makes no difference. I've dumped every preference file I can think of relating to the two apps. to no avail. I've rebuilt the desktop, zapped pram and blessed the system folder. Nothing seems to work.

Now that I'm starting to see this crop up all over the place though I'm wondering if this isn't a system type problem but instead a virus type problem.

Anyone else out there run into this in the past? Whatever it is it's hit 5 machines in as many days, and I'd like to nip this in the bud, as there are still dozens of OS 9 machines in action.


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    jpfjpf Posts: 167member
    I'm seeing this on OS X 10.2.2, I believe its an HP Communication driver going nuts, but I'm not sure yet. The system goes to a crawl in about an hour after a fresh boot.

    Can't tell you the last time I saw OS 9, been a while, sorry.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    I mentioned this YONKS ago and no one believed me. I installed Office and IE and dozens of computers years ago and especially Word was annoying. It would seem like it had stopped a moment.

    After a while I just sort of stopped or I didnt notice it anymore... but yes... it is a virus... called Microsoft... ooooh... how cliche' :-P
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    lol, yeah. weird part is i have no idea why it suddenly started now. office and IE have been on those machines for years at this point with no trouble. oh well, guess i'll just chalk it up to experience and move on, although someone mentioned that sleep preferences might be part of the problem....
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    How about a Clean Install of the OS 9,creating all new prefs?

    Perhaps then you can move over some prefs from Previous Sytem Folder and isolate the troublemaker so you don't have to clean install every troubled machine
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    More then likely the several macs were all setup at the same time (roughly) and are in need of Norton Utilites and a nice defrag. This has always fixed the 'pauses' in MS apps for me. I work over 300 macs all with various apps and system reinstall only takes 10 minutes or so. Once every two years isn't so bad to fix this. Any more details?
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