Security Update 2017-001

in macOS
Is anyone else had issue with this update, spotlight and safari are constantly crashing. I've spoken to apple support and they've no idea 


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    I'm having the same issue. Seems to have popped up after I restarted my MBP, but unlike some of the people on this thread:,
    mine has not fixed itself. Sorry I'm no help, but I'm looking for answers same as you.
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    My only problem was that it broke nVidia’s graphics driver, like every OS X update does (though it’s strange this did since it wasn’t a full one), but in such a way that I couldn’t wake from sleep and had to hard restart. nVidia did an update today, though, so it’s fine now.

    If you could post what your hardware is, that might help us narrow things down. Right now, I’d also suggest silly things that probably won’t do anything–like a reset of your PRAM and SMC. Hey, you never know.
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