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How do I get into the AI Chatroom in iChat.

Do I have to have an AIM or .Mac account to talk to anyone on the internet? in particular my friends on MSN?


Is there any way to join an MSN chatroom on the Mac?


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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    yes, you need an aim or for AI .. (but you can register both handles free if it helps)

    Apple G = enter in chat. type appleinsider and choose aim as mean. otherwise the second bar from left (archive or something like that?) and ther e'enter in chat'-

    Your friends that don't use ichat or even mac can still enter there. if you use fire, "invite to chat" type any name there and appleinsider as room, and voilÃ* you are there! in trillian (for windows) and other programs look for the alternative "invite for chat room" or "join chat room" ...

    i have never tried to join any msn chatroom. i guess they work with fire or jsuperchat clients (multimessengers, search them in jsuperchat works also on pc and linux (at least i have tried it on linux) and with that you can talk to friends in normal private chats when you are logged as aim, or contrary. seems on that more fluent than fire.

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    [quote] you can register both handles free if it helps, <hr></blockquote>

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with any sort of terminology of any kind as this is the first time I've ever used IM sofware. What are handles and do you mean free as in no cost? How would I do this? I'm beginning to understand the iChat interface though.

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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    uos, sorry.

    you can find aim normal chat software here: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; and also there there is the registration process. so if you want an identity for AIM - lets say you don0t have before or want a new one, you do it from that address somewhere. to have JUST the aim handle is free (if you want mail or other stuff at aim then not).

    if you need a handle just sign a new account at . as far as i know the account does not need to be paid = register (for the 2 months trial) should be enough ...
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    Nobody is ever in there when I am.... I feel so alone!
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