AppleInsider podcast covers iMac Pro shipping, Apple's battery life debacle, and interview...

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor and Mike talk about the iMac Pro, the battery life debacle of Apple's making, and Victor interviews Yossi Neiman of

AppleInsider editors Mike Wuerthele and Victor Marks discuss:
  • Deals: Apple's high-end 2016 15" MacBook Pro for $1,999 with free year of Office 365, free next day shipping & no tax in 48 states
  • Apple begins to ship iMac Pro orders! If you've been waiting for yours, you might be in luck.
  • Apple's battery nightmare. This one is Apple's own making, and Victor contends it could damage Apple's reputation for years to come.
  • Victor interviews Yossi Neiman of about making iOS and cloud connected dashboard cameras.
  • Apple's 'Marzipan' and what it means for the future of running iOS apps on Mac
  • Apple releases public betas of iOS and TvOS 11.2.5
  • AppleTV back on People have been counting on this since the Prime Video app released.
  • AppleTV 4K sells out within 38 minutes of launch. Now this, Victor and Mike did not predict. Why is the 64GB model so popular?
  • Amazon's Prime Video app is the most popular app in its first week for AppleTV, ever. Does this say more about Prime's offer, or about the dearth of desirable things on AppleTV's App Store? Victor's not sure, and no actual numbers were released for this, which is par for the course for Amazon.
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    Honestly the highlight of my week these days, always look forward to hearing what you’re gonna say, still waiting for you to talk about that Samsung ad trying to mock the iPhone 10 a few weeks back..
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    k2kwk2kw Posts: 1,756member

    Podcast sounded great.   I think when Apple releases the Mac Pro it will be a beast.   The biggest complain will be that the entry level starts too high/too expensive.  It will be placed at the Mid to top end of the iMacPro  (i.e. starting with 64 GB RAM minimum/128 GB RAM/256 GB /512 GB RAM)  when ever it comes out 2018 or 2019.  If Apple has to wait for a new technology it will wait.   That's why they did the iMacPro.

    I've said before that Apple would have a big seller if the sold a version of their phone 50% thicker with the space used for a battery twice as big and maybe the headphone jack.   Call it the iPhone 9XL and 9XLplus.   It would be such a big seller.    Battery cases are so unsatisfactory.  For me its not the design of the case.    Its iOS first and then the camera and speakers.

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