Santa is coming...ho ho ho!

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My parents have asked me what I want for Christmas this winter.

Im more-a-less going for the buy-stuff-for-new-MDD-type theme. I have a £300 budget and am wondering what hard/software to get.

One thing that popped into my mind was an iPod. I do a lot of music listening on my computer but not much, or any while i'm out.

So i'm up for ideas.


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    I belive this belongs in GD, wait for a mod to move it

    but while you are here, if you like music, and don't already have a portable player, getting an iPod should be a no brainer!... how much music do you have on your computer? I would suggest the 10 gig model.... unless of course you have much more then 10 gigs of music for only $100 (i dont know the conversions) you get double the room...

    you wont regret it
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    oh and welcome to AI

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    Sorry for the forum mix-up. When I was saying I don't listen to music outside my house. I meant I probably wouldn't. And currently I have 2.3 GB of music but its rising. And remember, Apple products over here are much more expensive than the US.
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    dont worry about it...

    i see what you mean now about not listening to music...

    as for other things you might like to buy...

    do you have speakers?

    what about a broadband connection?... maybe you could talk your parents into getting that for christmas :eek:

    for other ideas check <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>

    what kinds of things do you use your computer for? this way we could get a better idea of what you might like.
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    Funny story about speakers.

    I caught my Dad in the act, not in that way . I logged on and saw in my eBay he had bought some Apple Pro Speakers, brand new though. So when there all wrapped up, I'll pretend to be suprised.

    Im currently a freelance web designer. But am currently learning objectiv-c and cocoa, so I hope to make OS X apps.

    PS: Thanks for the link!
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