Apple LCD displays have too thick frames

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Anyone else with me on this? It makes the overall size look huge and heavy. It's somewhat addressed on the flat panel iMac where they've put a clear edging.

When you look at Sony LCD's the frames are thin and void of all that thick plastic. I hope future displays take on a more Powerbook look with a clean simple border.


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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    It might look a little think on the 15" LCDs... but to me, on the 17" and up it's fine. The only thing they need to reduce is the price.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    You're right, they are too thick.
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    That's really funny, most people I talk to in the store talk about how thin and wonderful the screen is. Personally I'd rather have the nice, "thick" casing PROTECTING my $2500 screen than a fragile "covering" just for fashions sake.

    (Yes, I can contradict myself, see the USB 2.0 thread)

    The Sony screens IMO look too fragile and prone to breakage. Apple Cinema and 17" displays look and feel like robust tools for the workplace. They just happen to look really good doing it.

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    dygysydygysy Posts: 182member
    Funny, I thought the very same thing.When I was deciding between the Apple Cinema HD display and the Sony 23" display I went to the Apple Store a few times, it was my wife who commented on how she thought the frame around the display looked too big, its one of the reasons I went for the Sony (liked the asthetics better).

    As far as fragility is concerned, the Sony seems sturdy, after all what are gonna do with a monitor?

    Certainly there's a chance of getting a lemon in everything Apple & Sony alike, read the following if you don't think so:

    <a href="[email protected]@.3bbcbf07"; target="_blank">[email protected]@.3bbcbf07</a>;

    I also think the Apple one year warranty is too short.
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 450member
    The Sonys look like everyone else's LCD displays.

    What's so good looking about a plastic rectangle on a pedestal?

    Kind of like the beige box syndrome.

    At least the Apple LCDs have some style.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    I dun find them thick, In fact I find them extremely elegant and pleasing to the eye

    Except the price tag.....
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