Copyright in a chip

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So the way i hear it is that this new copyright scheme is possibly going to implemented by a chip.

What is it TCMPA? or something like that?

So how will people get around it, will it be a physical mod you have to do or what, I can't believe that when/if it comes out noone will be able to get around it via software or mods like they do for PS2. This would really suck though, i mean they stop everything that is not legit but in the process they GREATLY hinder legit copying and listening to them on your computer


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,392member
    Intel AMD IBM and Motorola have all signed on to screw you with no vaseline. Their processors and other necessary chips will contain built in DRM. Look up TCPA(Trusted Computing Platform yadada yadda yadda).

    Apple is have no choice but to support this. Fair Use will be something that we once took for granted but now have to fight for.

    In a way I understand because people are trying to keep as much of their money as possible but all too often we end up with very poor copy protection which only hampers "paying" customers.
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