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<a href=""; target="_blank">Here it is...</a>

Pretty cool. Enter a search topic and it creates a an auto-scrolling list and slide show of the sites listed...

Google doesn't seem to be resting on it's laurels. They seem to have some interesting ideas (gimmicks may be a better description) to find information on the a simple and fun way...waddayathink?


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    too slow for my tastes. i'll stick with google images for now. looks cool though!
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    I'm trying it out here at work on can change the speed of the slideshow...yeah, Google's image search rocks...been helpful when creating CD covers for my burned CDs...
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    I agree - I really like it. BTW, for the article at The Register can be found <a href=""; target="_blank">here.</a>
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    It worked pretty good for me, a little slow though, and then the text started going over the web pages, looked bad.
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    Thats quite cool, perhaps a little slow for me (On DSL).
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